Cathodic Power Supply Data Sheet

OnLine Power's engineering staff offers
our OEM customers rapid development of custom product designed specifically to their particular requirements. Once engaged on a project for the OEM customer, the OnLine Power Engineering work hard, smart, diligently and strategically to ultimately take the burden of design off our OEM customers by carrying the engineering load on
OnLine Power's shoulders.

OnLine Power has a strong history supporting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers like General Electric, Lucent Technologies and Teradyne who require deliveries to coincide with appointed schedules. To minimize the number of business production turns and to streamline our production flow, OnLine Power uses planning tools such as Demand Flow Technology.
Demand Flow Technology ensures efficient production cycles optimizing turnaround from component ordering to the shipment of the final product to our customer's dock.
OnLine Power also understands the importance of maintaining the competitive edge when it comes to reducing the cost of the products purchased by our OEM customers. In so bringing about Productivity Gains for our customers, we ensure that they can remain competitive in the tough markets that make up their own economic environments. Cost reductions on an ongoing basis are part of OnLine Power's mission to our OEM customers. We accomplish this in an number of ways - to name a few - by working toward further product integration and simplification in design of the product, formulating and signing strategically sensible purchasing contracts with our vendors, use of Demand Flow Technology, development and utilization of Kanban shipment agreements and techniques to reduce the number of turns, and using outside vendors both domestic and international strategically for subassembly manufacture wherever possible.

OnLine Power has employed all the above methods and techniques in working with our OEM customers as power partners. OnLine Power has grown as a company in ways we could not imagine at the start. The springboard for this growth has been as a result of our business relationships with our OEM customers. In the coming year, 2010, we anticipate yet more exciting projects that will bring new partnerships and new products, which will be the springboard for further growth as we advance forward into the new millennium.

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