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Power Wave Elevate - UL924 Three Phase, Elevator Emergency Backup with 24kW, 32kW, 40kW, 48kW, 64kW, 80kW, 96kW, 128kW, 160kW, 192kW and 240kW power capacity

Power Wave Elevate

Three Phase, 24 to 240kW


  • Designed to Meet IBC 1009 and IFC compliance
  • Compatible with Regenerative, Non-Regenerative
    and Hydraulic Elevators
  • Keep Elevators Functioning During Emergencies
  • Standard 2 Hours of Backup Power for Elevators
  • No ATS Switch Needed
  • Can be Combined with Emergency Lighting (optional)
  • Local and Remote Monitoring (optional)
  • Automatic Self-Testing with Report Logs
  • Battery Health Monitoring (optional)
  • 24/7 Electronics Self-Diagnostics
  • Resistor Bank Not Required

Applicable Safety Standards

UL 924, UL 1778, NFPA 101, NFPA 70, NEC, OSHA

power wave 4 data sheet pdf icon

Data Sheet

power wave 4 technical specifications pdf icon

Technical Specs

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Technical Specs (Word)

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Technical Drawings

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User Manual

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All-In-One Elevator Backup Solution

Designed to adhere to strict regulations, the Power Wave Elevate safeguards against downtime during emergencies. Complying with IBC, IFC, NEC 700 & NEC 701 guidelines, it ensures 2 hours of uninterrupted elevator functionality during emergencies and can support non-regen and regen elevators. Specifically tailored for elevator systems, its versatile design and exceptional reliability make it the ultimate solution to meet all emergency backup needs. Additionally, it's designed to help building owners meet ICC 1009.2.1 requirements.


High-Rise Buildings, Hospitals, Public Facilities, University, Government Buildings and Multifamily Housing.

Elevator Compatibility

Compatible with Non-Regenerative, Regeneratitve, and Hydraulic Elevators

Safety Approvals

Designed to meet IBC 1009 and IFC compliance.
Meets and conforms to UL924, UL1778, NFPA 101, NFPA 70, NEC, and OSHA standards.

three phase icon

Three Phase

Power Distribution

120 minutes battery backup icon

120 Minutes

Backup Power at Full Load

8kW, 16kW, 24kW, 32kW, 40kW, 48kW, 64kW, 80kW, 96kW, 128kW, 160kW, 192kW, 240kW, 320kW and 400kW emergency lighting inveter power capacity

24 to 240kW

Power Capacity

true online double conversion technology

Regen Manager

Smart Power Allocation


All-In-One Elevator Backup Solution

Compliant with IBC, IFC, NEC 700 & 701, the Power Wave Elevate ensures uninterrupted elevator function in emergencies with 2 hours backup. Supporting both regenerative and non-regenerative systems, it meets ICC 1009.2.1 requirements for reliability.

Regen Manager

Effectively and seamlessly directs regenerative power to building or battery charging, based on utility status, thereby eliminating the requirement for a resistor bank.


Can Be Combined with EM Egress Lighting

The Power Wave Elevate is specifically engineered for optimal emergency power efficiency, ensuring that you can effectively support emergency egress equipment needs, including the critical provision of egress lighting.


Elevate Normal Power

Elevate Normal Power

Elevate Normal Power

Elevate Normal Power

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